1)Albert Luo (USA)
On Flow Barriers in Discontinuous Dynamical systems

2) J.A. Tenreiro Machado (Portugal)
Fractional calculus applications.

3) Lev A. Ostrovsky (USA)
Perturbation methods for solitons and their behaviour as particles

4) Victor I. Shrira (UK)
Reconstruction of palaeotsunamis

5)İhsan Boustani (Germany)
Boron: The Challenging Element in Nanotechnology

6) Cengiz Özkan (USA)
Graphene: a new material that can transform the electronics and
nanotechnology landscape

7) Mihri Özkan (USA)
Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells: Engineering at the Nanoscale

8) Mustafa Yavuz (Canada)
Nanotechnology: Canada's Position in Scientific Publications and Patents

9) Tahig Cagın (USA)